Wall Mount Charging Stations

PowerGistics charging towers

have been taking the device storage world by storm. We have been working hard to make sure that our quality is unmatched by utilizing a vertical design and positive cable management to help your teachers and staff save time and money! No more time spent untangling cords, replacing broken units or constantly opening those big bulky padlocks to check if everything is in place.

We understand teachers

IT directors, and the school district board members. We know the priority is to keep students learning and having fun. Our charging stations come with an open design, even when locked, that allow staff to see what devices are missing and which devices are charging, saving you time to teach and less time on maintenance.

We are so confident

in our charging towers that we offer a limited lifetime warranty. Not enough for you to make the switch? Get a demo in your classroom today. Send us an email or give us a call. You have 30 days to give our laptop and tablet charging station a good test! You’ll notice that our light weight aluminum spine, aluminum shelves and door are sealed in with our heat treated powder coat painting process. Get a tower from our ONLINE STORE today!!


Multiple Combinations

PowerGistics wall mount towers come in 4 NEW sizes- 8, 12, 16 & 18. The towers match and can be combined to create the storage needed for your classroom. Our 8 shelf wall mount charging tower is perfect for the younger grades in your district. Mix a 16 & and 8 or a 12 & 12 to get 24 (the national average for number of students per classroom.)

PowerGistics Locking Door

Locking Door

PowerGistics offers unmatched security. A keyed locking system secures our powder coated steel door. With our open design you are able to check if devices are charging or missing, even when the door is in the locked position. Checking inventory is as simple as opening your eyes!

PowerGistics Charging Station custom shelves
Custom Shelf Sizes

Our PowerGistics Charging Towers come with a customized shelf, specific to the device. From the tiny Nexus 7 & iPad Mini to our NEW shelf allowing for up to 17 x 10.75 inch  Chromebooks & laptops. The Custom shelves keep your devices fitting snug (even with a case) and keeps your devices secure when the optional locking door is added. No more struggling with over-sized spaces and loosely placed devices.

Google Color Shelves
Custom Colors

PowerGistics towers come standard with a grey spine, white shelves and a white door. NEW FOR 2015 you can get your PowerGistics tower with bright colors. Your Google Chromebooks can now match your PowerGistics charging station. All of our painted surfaces are painted using a technique called powder coating. In this process a fine paint dust is applied to the tower and placed into a very large, and very hot oven. The paint dust melts and evenly coats the entire surface. This process gives you the strongest protection against the rowdiest of students!

PowerGistics Towers & Charging Carts offer revolutionary space saving design
Space Saving Design

When designing the PowerGistics charging station, size was our biggest obstacle. How can we charge a classroom full of devices while taking up the least amount of space? This has been achieved with our flawless vertical design. Keeping the devices laying flat in their natural position we were able to get 18 devices in one tower. The tower is only a little wider and deeper than the devices you will be storing on it. Leaving enough room for cases and covers, we have been able to create a breakthrough storage system in the device charging market.

New for 2015 Positive Cable Management

PowerGistics has come up with a cable management system that not only saves you money in replacement cost but also saves you time. Our device storage shelves have built in cut outs specifically for your device cables. All of our Wall Mount towers also come with a 16 or 20 plug surge bar tucked neatly in the back, to protect from student interaction yet allowing for easy access to cable replacement. With the PowerGistics towers your devices lay in the natural flat position. With shelves laying horizontal your cables are separated from each other to eliminate tangling. The new cut out limits the amount of cord that is available. This prevents the cable from becoming too long and getting tangled with the other charging cables.

What does PowerGistics do for me?


PowerGistics Teachers image
•Save over 56 hours of classroom time with quicker deployment and return times.
•Morning starts fast with no tangled power cord issues.
•No more worries about stolen/missing devices since the open design lets me inventory at a glance.
•Have more time to teach since I am not searching for a misplaced cart.

IT Directors

PowerGistics benefits IT directors
• Device warranty claims decrease since the devices lay flat.
• Device loss is minimized since staff can view inventory at a glance.
• No more worries about broken shelves, casters or doors.
• Once they are mounted you can forget about them and concentrate on other IT objectives.

School District

PowerGistics is saving the school board and school district money
• Save $1,298.73 in teaching time each year by using PowerGistics Towers in a classroom.
• With the Lifetime Warranty replacement costs are ZERO.
• PowerGistics Towers pay for themselves in a single school year!



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