PowerGistics Install Instructions

Powergistics staff is eager to answer any questions you have related to the installation of your PowerGistics towers. Currently we have several PDF’s for you to use as reference if you are to lose your instructions. Currently we are in the process of filming some quick and helpful tips to make sure that your PowerGisticsts towers are installed efficiently and effectively. Following the provided instructions will maximize your Return on Investment.

Desktop Install Instructions 2015

40 Series Locking & Non-Locking Install Instruction 2016

10/20 Series Locking & Non-Locking Install Instructions 2016


Looking for printable information on PowerGistics to share with colleagues?

PowerGistics Brochure 2015

PowerGistics Return on Investment Summary 2015

PowerGistics Demo Program 2015


  1. Anne Hilliard

    Do these towers have managed power or do they have a constant charge going to the devices? The carts we currently use charge one side of the cart then switches to the other thus not supplying a constant charge to all machines.

    1. PowerGistics

      Hello Anne,
      Thanks for writing us. Our towers have a power strip located on the back spine and once all devices are plugged in, a constant charge is supplied to all devices. — Please give us a call if you have additional questions at 844-205-1217